15 prints inspired by 15 different artists. 20 of each print, alltogether 300 t-shirts.
Puff Dång kontakt!
Artist: Åke Hodell
From: General Bussig
Gelbe Musik Viva Berlin
Artist: Akio Suzuki
From: Tubridge 99-00
I am Sitting in a Room...
Artist: Alvin Lucier
From: I am Sitting in a Room
Habit Kick That Man
Artist: Brion Gysin
From: Kick
Little Dot Stickers
Artist: Christian Marclay
From: Groove
Rascht Raume Losch
Artist: Christian Steinbacher
From: Schmiegt Handen
Immobilités sérieuses
Artist: Erik Satie
From: Vexations
Die Flöten Des Herbstes
Artist: Georg Trakl
From: Am Hügel
Mærkelig Meningsløs Sludder
Artist: Hans Sydow
From: Dada3+
Le Blanc Seul N'est Pas Nature
Artist: Henrik Have
From: Circonvolution//Contorsion
Perfect Smoke Rings
Artist: Laurie Anderson
From: Smoke Rings
Air of Paris
Artist: Marcel Duchamp
From: The Creative Act
Snaps Fars Kapers Ribs Laks
Artist: Per Højholt
From: +1
Continuous Stimulus
Artist: R.I.P. Hayman
From: On the Way..
As Long As The Sky Is There
Artist: Yoko Ono
From: Skytalk With Love to Denmark

Social Souvenir by Sebastian Campion. 2008. Commissioned by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark.